Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Move

"Oh certainly....we'll be out by Tuesday! No problem at all. We've basically moved out now."

"Wednesday by the latest. Just basically stuff in the garage now."

"Thursday noon for sure. Just a couple truck loads."

"All done by Friday! Not a problem."

I felt used and frustrated. I'd moved down to California with the thought that I'd have a house and a job and everything would be great. But God knew that even a year in the Philippines wasn't enough time to teach me complete trust in Him. So, He sent....well.....I guess I won't mention names :)

As it turns out, I had neither house nor job for the first week of my life in California. Now that may not seem long to you, but for someone who thrives on lists and planning and getting organized, it was a near eternity.

My car was a disaster with miscellaneous household items, sleeping bags, and suitcases, all my things were in boxes stored in the shed, and I had no where to sleep.

For some moments I felt nearly frantic!

Allie does not live like this - disorganized meandering with things strewn hither and thither throughout the land! I like things to work according to schedule and to be done in a timely fashion.

And I thought I had learned to let God do things in His own time while I was in the Philippines!

But, apparently.....not.

Again the words of my favorite hymn played throughout the days of apparent chaos and uncertainty:

"Father, lead me day by day
Ever in Thine Own sweet way.
Teach me to be pure and True;
Show me what I ought to do!"
~Hymn 482

And so I wait, asking God each day for complete trust in Him - and that the restful, calm, and pliant spirit of a humble servant might be developed in me.


  1. Getting the job/housing/etc was such a cinch that God had to let your character be developed in some other way. I'm convinced though, that the end result of this trial will be incredible. Keep hanging in there.

  2. Aww, Allie! Sorry your first week was so stressful! I hope that everything's getting all settled now :) It's crazy how God chooses to help us remember to keep trusting Him once we've gotten back from an experience where we had no choice but to trust. :)

  3. Blessings on you, Allie, as you negotiate your new world!! You can rest, knowing that God is leading (look at all the answered prayers!), even though things are topsy-turvy sometimes... I'm praying for you!!!

  4. Birds have nests foxes have holes...
    Fresh remodeling... my favorite!